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Beach Wedding Favors

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Beach Wedding Favors. For sure you have attended a wedding before and noticed that wedding favors are very necessary items in a wedding event. By giving out well thought out wedding favors to the guests, the bride and the groom can show their gratitude and appreciation to those who have shared the momentous occasion with them. These wedding favors will be kept by the guests as they will serve as keepsakes and mementos that will remind them of the great fun they had. Wedding themes are chosen by the couple depending on their culture, budget and interest. In some cases, the wedding theme will depend on things that only the couple is privy to. Beach weddings are getting to be more popular these days. And why not? If you opt for a beach wedding, nature’s beauty will be your one of a kind setting. The foaming sea water that constantly kisses the white sand and the deep blue horizon will in itself be a most unique beach wedding favor for your guests.

Beach wedding favors ideas

Beach wedding favors would naturally reflect the beauty of the beach and the sea. The most common are coffee scoops made from sea shells, sea shell coasters, and shell paper weights. These wedding favors are all moderately priced. Silver wine stoppers together with silver wine corkscrews are very elegant wedding favors. You can also opt for a Cinderella themed beach wedding where you can give glass slippers and glass pumpkin key chains.  
Wedding favors that are made by the couple would be more treasured by the guests. Decorated champagne glasses, stone paper weights imprinted with the couple’s picture, homemade soaps packed in colorful handmade boxes…all these wedding favors will show that the bride and the groom truly appreciate the guests’ presence.

Wedding beach favors

Some favors would show the couple’s love of the beach and the sea. Miniature figurines of light houses, table top ornaments like glass dolphins and sand castles fashioned from glass, beach chairs, and beach umbrellas are most suitable beach wedding favors. 

Unique beach wedding favors.