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A birthday, or any other occasion, for that matter, will repeat itself, year after year. But what will not come again, is your wedding day. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so use the day to make yourself and your partner feel as special as ever. A lot of things should be considered when planning your plan wedding day.

What to plan for a wedding

Start from the Decor
How your wedding venue looks is a big question and will create a remarkable different in the overall aura of your event. The décor should be themed according to the time and location of the wedding. If your wedding is a day event, by a lake or even in a lush green lawn, use white tube roses, tulips and water lilies. A smart idea would be to fix a shade and/or make sure that your guests are protected from the rays of the sun.  If it is strictly an evening event, a breezy venue will be very appealing, with a mix of indoor and outdoor, both.

Weddings that take place at night may be held in open air, with dark colored themes, such as red and black.

Wedding plan guide

Turn the Spotlight On!
Now focus on the two most important people of the day: the Bride and the Groom. Match the color of your attires with each other, and your attires with the rest of the venue, in contrast. From the color of the table mats, to napkins, flowers and the carpet on the aisle, everything should perfectly blend in.

Add Effect?
Add a sublime effect to your wedding by introducing music. Be it a live piano, a light instrumental or a violin, music sets the mood. Along with music, add a decent, subtle scent that will lift the spirits of everyone across the venue.

Plan your own wedding.

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