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I would say the best way to ensure you get the best price for your wedding cake is to order it directly from the bakery without mentioning that it’s for a wedding. Otherwise, the price will arbitrarily go up.The wedding cake is the center of the wedding reception.  But it doesn’t have to take a huge part of your budget.  There are wedding cakes that seem expensive and taste good without being pricey.  So with the right attitude and meticulous planning you could find many choices for cheap wedding cakes.
Contemporary wedding cakes
Here are some tips on how to get cheap wedding cakes.
  • If you are on a budget, there are many ways to acquire a cake.  First, if you know how to bake you could make your own wedding cake.  Or you could ask a relative or close friend if they could bake a cake for you.  Another option is instead of going to a specialty bakeshop you could place your order to your local bakery store which will surely charge a much cheaper price.
  • In choosing your cake, make it simple.  Forget about fancy ornate decorations and other accessories that would increase the price of the cake. Simple is classy and elegant, take it from Queen Victoria’s all-white frosting on a wedding cake.
  • Wedding cakes come in different shapes and sizes.  Do not choose a cake that has an irregular shape.  Round, square, rectangular and heart-shaped does not have special molds, so they cost less.
  • Wedding cakes today are made of different fruit flavors, especially if they are tiered. We suggest that you choose a simple sponge cake that may cost less and is palatable to anyone’s taste. Similarly, you could choose a cake without fillings or if you want one choose something that is in season.
  • Another option instead of ordering a wedding cake, you may buy a regular fancy cake on the supermarket instead of buying a traditional wedding cake. However, if you still find that fancy cakes are not within your budget, buy an all-white frosted cake and consider decorating it with fresh fruits or flowers that would match your wedding theme.
  • Finally, consider getting other alternatives that are within your budget. You might be surprised that there is a variety of choices.  From the popular cupcakes, to truffles, to pastries, a stack of doughnuts and even ice creams. Truly, many modern brides today finds many unique alternatives just to cut cost without veering much out of tradition.  After all, what is important are the bride and the groom and love for each other.

In addition to finding wedding cakes by price, I recommend looking for wedding cakes by preference of style and color. For an example, readers on cheap wedding cake topper readers have really enjoyed our highlight on 3 tier purple wedding cakes, purple wedding cakes crown, and amazing purple wedding cakes, if you are into the purple colored cakes like a few regulars of our community. I hope that helped to generate addition ideas for you, free to check out other images on our web. We want to help take the analysis out of your day and put time back into your hands by delivering top quality photos into your computer/tablet screens.

Bespoke wedding cakes.

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