Beach Theme Wedding Cakes for Happy Wedding

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If you are thinking of something along the lines of a Beach Theme Wedding Cake then look no further as you should be happy to know that there are many cakes to choose from. First of all you may want to get a general feel about your wedding and whether it will be an island themed one or a surfer wedding or a beach and sea wedding?

Beach theme wedding cakes pictures 

Tropical Flowers

This cake is beautiful and has Passionflowers, Hibiscus and Plumeria which make for a colourful decoration for your beach wedding cake. You can pick fresh flowers but if not available then you will find some very lovely fake flowers that you can arrange on the top of your cake and then trailing down the side, absolutely beautiful!

Shells and Starfish

With this great cake you put some shells and starfish on it. You can either collect the shells at the beach or buy some edible chocolate ones. Put them all over the cake and sprinkle with some edible sand such as fine biscuit crumbs or brown sugar.
Beach theme wedding cake topper


If you or your loved one have a love for water sports then maybe a beach wedding cake with an edible surf board on top or a coral reef and circling sharks around the base would be ideal. You can also add some waves around the sides of the cake with blue icing.

Island Style Wedding Cake

You could make your wedding cake into a tropical island with a desert beach and palm trees and a hammock. The water could be blue icing and the cake topping made from yellow marzipan. You can put the bride and groom at the top for the finishing touch.
So if you want a Beach Wedding Cake Ideas for a Happy Wedding, then all you have to do is use your imagination and the sky and sea really is the limit!

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Adorable wedding cake! Would love to have this Lace wedding cake with roses between tiers for my big day. Thanks for the idea. We have booked one of iconic Chicago wedding venues and going to tie the knot in first week of June.