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Fall Wedding Flowers

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Undoubtedly, flowers are one of the wedding essentials. Flowers make a bride more entrancing. Flowers also lend elegance to any wedding setting. It is therefore necessary to choose the flowers well. If you have chosen to have a summer or a spring wedding you would naturally have an abundance of flowers to choose from. However, selecting fall wedding flowers could be a bit challenging.  
Although the bride have a rather limited choice for her fall wedding flowers, fall flowers do come in rich beautiful colors. With a lot of imagination, fall wedding flowers can make any bride and any wedding setting stylish, elegant and beautiful.
Wedding party flowers
A summer or a spring wedding would commonly use two or three kinds of blooms for the centerpiece. But a centerpiece for a fall wedding can be a mixture of differently textured blooms. For instance, you can use dahlias as the base flower. Dahlias come in a variety of hues. You can choose from the reds, the orange, plums and from any other tone. Then add crocosmia and coxcomb. The feathery texture of the crocosmia and the velvety flowers of the coxcomb would lend a dramatic effect to the centerpiece. Add Hypericum berries and viburnum for non-floral detail, fiddle head ferns and a sprig or two of lamb’s ear for contrasting color. 
Roses still remains the popular option but for a fall wedding you may want to choose more dramatic and deeply hued blooms that will harmonize with the wedding color theme. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors, choose the antique purples and greens and arrange them with lushly colored calla lilies.
Flowers for fall weddings
A lot of brides are using succulents for their centerpieces. Succulents with petal-like leaves come in pomegranate, aubergine and greens-all fall colors. Arrange a collection of these succulents planted in different sizes of pots and antique looking urns. These are suitable wedding favors as the guests can take the plants home after the wedding. 
For the bouquet of the bride and the bridesmaids, the arrangement should be more structured. Arrange a collection of fall flowers into a dome-shaped posy. The current trend is to wrap the stems of the flowers in velvet fabrics or in satin ribbons. The same thing goes with the groomsmen boutonnieres, they are now wrapped in satin ribbons achieve a more polished look. To have a color coordinated wedding, the fall wedding flowers should complement and harmonize with the chosen color scheme of the wedding.
Fall wedding flower arrangements.