How to Planning a Wedding Checklist ?

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Planning a Wedding ChecklistThis will help you in keeping track of everything that you need to accomplish before the big day arrives. A wedding checklist should be prepared twelve months before your wedding, at best.  This should include the initial planning stages like announcing your engagement and choosing the date of your wedding.  You can also start making an idea scrapbook for all the styles you are considering for your wedding dress.  It should also include a budget on the things you are going to spend on your wedding.

How to start planning a wedding checklist

Also, your estimated guest list should be prepared, alongside the locations that you are considering for your reception.  Other services such as catering, musicians, florists, photographer, and transportation should also be included.  Your entourage for the wedding should also be included, as well as the gift registry.

Planning for a wedding checklist

From three to six months of your wedding planning, your details should flesh out and be more specific in your wedding checklist.  The other things that you should be considering at this timeline should include choosing the design or style of your wedding ring, dress fitting for your wedding dress and the groom’s attire, and choosing the materials you want for your wedding invitation.  You should also be writing your wedding vows during this time, and if needed, you also should choose the readings that you want for your wedding ceremony.  The wedding cake should also be ordered around this time as well as booking for your honeymoon.  If needed, reservations for accommodations for your guests on a hotel should also be done during this time.

Planning a small wedding checklist

Iron out the details in your checklist and do confirmations one to three months before the wedding day.  Your guest list should be finalized and invitations should be sent out.  The music should also be ready during this time.  Seating arrangements for the reception should also be ready and the wedding favors for your guests should have been bought already.  Flower arrangements, wedding cake, and the hair and makeup stylists should be already booked.

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