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winter wedding theme

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Yes, many people prefer to get married on the month of June. However, who has to say that a winter wedding theme is not off the hook as well?
Winter wedding theme ideas

 The fact that not that many people consider getting married during winter actually brings distinct advantages. For starters, since hotels will not be fully booked during this time, then discounts are not that hard to find at all. In fact, many hotels do offer discounts for winter wedding packages. In addition, hotels would certainly be adorned with Christmas decorations as well. You will not have that much to worry about when it comes to decorations! Moreover, the same goes for churches! Of course, a couple of final changes can also be added. These would make the setting more personal to the feel. And make sure that the venue you choose has a heating system that is in good condition. There just might be a need to pay extra for heating as well.

Winter wonderland wedding theme decorations

With the off-peak season at hand, transportation would not be a problem as well. Car and limo rental services also offer season discounts that any couple can enjoy. To be sure, that you get the best deal, you can ask for quotes from the different companies. Compare these quotes and find the best one from which you can get the most in savings.

Winter weddings are inevitably white to the sight. But there are a lot of things you can do to make your winter wedding interesting, with the incorporation of the color white. For starters, you can have a theme of ice and snow for your wedding. The groom and his side can all wear white suits. The bride and her entourage should wear white as well. This is for the snow aspect of your wedding. As for the ice aspect, it all boils down to jewelry. The bride can wear diamond and crystal jewelry all throughout. She can even wear a headdress or tiara that is laced with diamonds and crystals.

Wedding theme winter wonderland

Of course, the bride has to be made distinct from the rest of her entourage. Therefore, the bridesmaids can wear white gowns, but with a touch of color. This can be done with the flowers they carry. While the bride would be carrying white flowers laced with white bows and silver ribbons, the bridesmaids can carry a bouquet of dark red roses, for instance.

The cake should fit the winter wedding theme as well. A cake that is white all throughout would somehow look a bit ordinary. Nevertheless, with icing shaped as icicles and silver ornaments, the cake would certainly look ravishing.

Victorian Wedding Theme

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If you want to have Victorian wedding theme, then you would definitely have to hold your wedding in a garden. This is an essential when it comes to the characteristics of the Victorian era. 
Colors that make the best choices for Victorian wedding include yellow, cream, and blue. You can also include ecru, pastel greens, and even terracotta. For the wedding attire, you actually have a number of choices. You can include Victorian capes, for instance. As for accessories, the cameo neck brooch is a popular choice. Another great addition would be lace hankies.
Victorian bridal gowns
Specifically for the bride, a white or off-white Victorian bridal gown is the ideal choice. You have to remember that people were still quite conservative during this era. Thus, the wedding gown should have long sleeves and a high-neck collar made of lace. The gown should also have lace cuffs for that conservative image you are after. A wide-brimmed hat, which is very characteristic of the Victorian era, should be added as well. The hat can come with ribbons and flowers, and even with a short veil. White lace gloves, ankle boots, and a matching parasol can be the finishing touches. In place of the parasol, you can also have a bouquet of roses, preferably of pastel shades.

Victorian style wedding invitations

As for the groom, it is just a matter of preference here. Styles have definitely changed more rapidly for men’s wear in just a few years. However, one constant thing here is the black top hat. The black top hat has always been a constant part in the whole Victorian get up over the years. The rest would then depend on the preferences of the groom himself. The frock coat is one of the things to consider here. The frock coat can be in the shades of dark blue or plum. Aside from the frock coat, waistcoats were also popular during the Victorian era. The groom can choose to wear a waistcoat that is white in color. Lavender trousers and gloves can then be used to match the coat. Aside from lavender, dark gray trousers would also make a great choice here. Oh, and do not forget the walking cane to complete the ensemble for the groom. Both bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear clothes patterned accordingly. 
The garden setting is ideal for a Victorian wedding theme. Consider booking a pavilion area, or even a park, for the setting of both the ceremony and the reception. The typical backyard can also be converted accordingly. However, if an outdoor setting is impossible to achieve, you can always find a mansion, an inn, or even a church that exudes the style of the Victorian era in terms of architecture.
Victorian wedding venues.

Christmas Wedding Theme

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Christmas Wedding. Christmas is definitely the season to be jolly, as most Christmas carols would stress out. But did you know that the Christmas wedding theme is actually becoming more and more popular amongst wedded couples? Grooms are even sliding a ring onto their new bride's finger while wearing a Santa costume! There are so many easy aspects that you can use in incorporating such a theme.

Christmas themed wedding invitations 

The color scheme should be the first thing to consider with this theme. With Christmas, it is only natural to think of the colors green and red. If you do decide to go with these colors, make sure that the shades you choose are very deep and rich. Do not go with the primary shades of red and green because they would only look like drab. Evergreen and crimson, for starters, make very nice shades for a Christmas wedding theme. You can also incorporate silver and gold in the form of ribbons and lace for the gowns of the whole entourage.

As for wedding invitations, you have so many options to choose from. Mistletoe, snowflakes, reindeer, sleighs, icicles, the Christmas tree itself, all these and more make great decorations for your wedding invitations. You can check the Internet for the perfect clipart images to use for your invitations. Make sure to choose the appropriate font in lettering your invitations as well.

Fresh flowers are not really in season during Christmas, so mistletoe and garlands would make great substitutes here. For centerpieces on the reception tables, you can go with cornucopias or bouquets of dried flowers instead. Poinsettias make great additions to the whole theme as well.

Winter wedding locations

Snowflakes make great ornaments for the reception area, as well as the site for the wedding ceremony. You can design the ceiling with hanging snowflake ornaments, for instance. Icicles can also be added here. The important thing here is that the ornaments should be glittering in appearance, to give that magical feeling that comes with Christmas. And let us not forget the wedding buffet! The usual holiday buffet would include turkey, stuffing, sliced ham, cranberry sauces, potatoes, the works! These and more should not be exempted from your wedding buffet as well. Your wedding cake should also be adorned with a frosty theme, to go with the overall theme of the celebration.

To add to the glamour of the celebration, the bride and the groom can also arrive at the reception site in a sleigh or carriage that is drawn by horses. The budget should be considered here, but this can really be a nice touch to a Christmas wedding theme. Thus, you should also consider this aspect.

Winter weddings ideas.

Beach Wedding Theme

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A beach wedding theme is very popular nowadays, especially during the summer months. Still, any couple would want to know ways and means to garner savings while incorporating this wedding theme.

There are many methods for you to save money with this theme. And one can even start with the wedding invitations! Make the invitation simple, maybe with a photograph of the bride and groom at the beach. A popular choice used is actually a childhood picture of the bride and groom having fun with each other at the beach. This picture denotes a sense of forever, especially if the bride and groom have known each other since childhood.

Wedding beach theme

As for a wedding dress, the bride can wear a mermaid-style dress. This dress is not expensive to come by at all. Alternatively, the bride can choose to wear a long sundress, since sundresses are ideal beachwear as well. Of course, the bride should wear a sun hat with the sundress. Since this is a beach wedding, the flowers need not be formal at all. An informal bouquet that has ribbons of bright beach colors will suffice.

The groom himself can wear a simple shirt with an open neck, or perhaps a suit that is of a light shade. In addition, if you really want to go for the beach getup, then the groom can wear beach shirts and plain shorts! This way, the beach theme would indeed be incorporated.
Wedding favors beach theme

For the bridesmaids, sundresses are also appropriate for the theme, along with straw hats, of course. Bikini tops and straw hats can be worn by the women. An interesting twist can also be done with the flower girls. Instead of dropping flowers down the aisle, they can drop seashells instead. This would make the wedding unique. The seashells can also be used to spruce the place up! Seashells can be used as decorations and ornaments on the pews for the guests. It would be better for the deckchairs to be of bright colors, to make the beach theme more distinct.

It is typical for the bride to arrive in a car for your ordinary wedding. For a beach wedding, a fun way to do this would be to get to the wedding in a dune buggy. This would be extremely fitting for a beach wedding theme! And a dune buggy is just so off the hook that your guests will surely remember your wedding for a long time coming!

Beach theme wedding decorations.

Halloween Wedding Theme

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Halloween Wedding. Picture this: a moonlit night, glowing black candles strategically scattered on the lawn and on the branches of low lying trees, a row of grinning orange jack o’ lanterns lighting the pathway, doorways are decorated with orange, yellow and red crepe paper streamers. People dressed as fairies, witches and Draculas are milling around. This is not a Halloween party. Someone is getting hitched and it’s a Halloween wedding theme! 
A Halloween wedding theme is fun. A lot of people these days want to have a one of a kind wedding…one that will be the talk of the town for days and one that will be remembered not only by the groom and the bride’s family but by the guests as well.
Actually, a Halloween party can be easily turned into a wedding party but as it is a wedding, additional decoration is a must to add elegance and sophistication. For the Halloween wedding centerpiece, you can decorate a black or a red linen covered table with hollowed our pumpkins with candles inside. Small glow in the dark plastic skeletons, ghosts and gold stars will add a mystic touch to the arrangement. Another centerpiece idea is to group candles of different sizes and colors on a round mirror. Tie the candles with red or orange ribbons and scatter autumn colored fake maple leaves around the candles. Drape tables with black tulle and tie the corners with red ribbons.
Halloween wedding invitation
A Halloween wedding bride can be attired in a red or black Addams family dress. The dress would have fitted long sleeves. A black or red cape, black veil and black gloves will complete the ensemble. For an additional effect an Addams family wig can be used by the bride too.   
Halloween wedding grooms are usually attired in black tuxedos. Most grooms would have a Count Dracula look by donning a black cape with a red lining, wear a black top hat and a carry a black cane. And as an added effect for the Halloween wedding theme, the groom may carry a blood red rose to be given to the bride. 
Halloween wedding reception ideas.