Best Wedding Cake Flavors 2016

12:38 AM
Wedding cake flavors are important because when you talk about wedding cake, it is not only about the design of the wedding cake. You can imagine, if you have nice cake but it has awful taste, surely it can be nightmare for your wedding ceremony.

Because of that, the flavour should be considered also, so the cake can be really beautiful. There are several wedding cakes flavors which can be your reference. For example, you can have lemon thyme cake. Just like its name, the cake is dominated with lemon flavour and it can be really refreshing. The lemon flavour is combined with vanilla buttercream and you can add other tastes on the cake.
When you want to have cupcake wedding cakes, you can also make the cupcakes in several flavours. You can make the cupcakes soft in the inside but it is crispy on the outside. You can also use buttercream to give various wedding cake flavor on the top of the cupcakes. The buttercream also can be good addition toward the cake decoration.

Unique wedding cake flavors.

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