Planning an Excellent Reception with the Help of Wedding Caterers

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Wedding CaterersThere are a lot of things that should be organized and taken into consideration when planning your wedding. This is to make sure that every single detail and aspect of the ceremony goes well and that everything is done according to your tastes, including caterers and the food which will be served in your reception.

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Once you have settled on which catering service to use for the wedding reception, you should make it a point to coordinate every aspect of the reception plans and the details of the catering service itself. Dishes, napkins, silverware, and other utensils should be well-checked for quality. If the caterers for the reception plan on renting these items from another provider then you should also ask to view the materials that they are planning to use for the reception to make sure that everything is fine and nothing untoward happens.

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In most cases, a food testing can be scheduled with the catering service to have an idea as to what type of food will be served to your guests on the big day. Service charges can also be charged by several caterers on top of the food costs to cover payment for the staff and other expenses that can be incurred during the event, so you may want to ask for estimates on how much the service will add up to including taxes and tips. This will avoid any surprises regarding the whole cost of the reception.

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There are several things that you should discuss with your caterers aside from the food costs. These include the number of servers or food attendants in ratio to the number of guests, the total number of people who are expected to eat, and the number of dishes to be served. To eliminate any chance of shortage during the event, you should also count number of personnel that you hired for the event including the band or the DJ, wedding coordinators, and ushers.

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