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Tips on How to Set Up Your Own Wedding Planning Business

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Wedding Planning BusinessIf you’re the type of person who loves weddings and wants to set up your own business then perhaps it is best that you try your hand at wedding planning. Unlike other business ventures, being a wedding planner requires a lot less experience and start-up capital. In addition, weddings are events that are always held, and it is just a matter of finding the right location where the demand for wedding planners is high and the number of competitors is less.

Start a wedding planning business

First off, polish up on your wedding knowledge. This includes reading up on recent trends in weddings and acquainting yourself with wedding etiquette. If weddings are already your interest then it should be a lot easier for you since you may already have a vast knowledge of how weddings are planned and organized.

Starting a wedding planning business from home

Establish your contacts and organize your network of caterers, printers, wedding bands, everything that you may need in the course of making a wedding happen. To save on costs, you may want to seek the help of close friends or family members who can do any of these things with efficiency. As you go along you can then hire professionals to do the job for you. Wedding planning should be a coordinated effort among the members in your network, so choose the persons that can work well in a team and can deliver on time.

Starting wedding planning business

Lastly, make sure that your prices are competitive, meaning that they are not too high for average couples to afford and not too low so as to prevent you from incurring losses. A wedding planning business should, after all, provide you with a nice income even if you love doing it.

Planning an Excellent Reception with the Help of Wedding Caterers

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Wedding CaterersThere are a lot of things that should be organized and taken into consideration when planning your wedding. This is to make sure that every single detail and aspect of the ceremony goes well and that everything is done according to your tastes, including caterers and the food which will be served in your reception.

Wedding reception caterers

Once you have settled on which catering service to use for the wedding reception, you should make it a point to coordinate every aspect of the reception plans and the details of the catering service itself. Dishes, napkins, silverware, and other utensils should be well-checked for quality. If the caterers for the reception plan on renting these items from another provider then you should also ask to view the materials that they are planning to use for the reception to make sure that everything is fine and nothing untoward happens.

Best wedding caterers

In most cases, a food testing can be scheduled with the catering service to have an idea as to what type of food will be served to your guests on the big day. Service charges can also be charged by several caterers on top of the food costs to cover payment for the staff and other expenses that can be incurred during the event, so you may want to ask for estimates on how much the service will add up to including taxes and tips. This will avoid any surprises regarding the whole cost of the reception.

Caterers for wedding

There are several things that you should discuss with your caterers aside from the food costs. These include the number of servers or food attendants in ratio to the number of guests, the total number of people who are expected to eat, and the number of dishes to be served. To eliminate any chance of shortage during the event, you should also count number of personnel that you hired for the event including the band or the DJ, wedding coordinators, and ushers.

How to Planning a Wedding Checklist ?

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Planning a Wedding ChecklistThis will help you in keeping track of everything that you need to accomplish before the big day arrives. A wedding checklist should be prepared twelve months before your wedding, at best.  This should include the initial planning stages like announcing your engagement and choosing the date of your wedding.  You can also start making an idea scrapbook for all the styles you are considering for your wedding dress.  It should also include a budget on the things you are going to spend on your wedding.

How to start planning a wedding checklist

Also, your estimated guest list should be prepared, alongside the locations that you are considering for your reception.  Other services such as catering, musicians, florists, photographer, and transportation should also be included.  Your entourage for the wedding should also be included, as well as the gift registry.

Planning for a wedding checklist

From three to six months of your wedding planning, your details should flesh out and be more specific in your wedding checklist.  The other things that you should be considering at this timeline should include choosing the design or style of your wedding ring, dress fitting for your wedding dress and the groom’s attire, and choosing the materials you want for your wedding invitation.  You should also be writing your wedding vows during this time, and if needed, you also should choose the readings that you want for your wedding ceremony.  The wedding cake should also be ordered around this time as well as booking for your honeymoon.  If needed, reservations for accommodations for your guests on a hotel should also be done during this time.

Planning a small wedding checklist

Iron out the details in your checklist and do confirmations one to three months before the wedding day.  Your guest list should be finalized and invitations should be sent out.  The music should also be ready during this time.  Seating arrangements for the reception should also be ready and the wedding favors for your guests should have been bought already.  Flower arrangements, wedding cake, and the hair and makeup stylists should be already booked.

How to Organize a Church for Wedding

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Church for Wedding. Planning a wedding is an exciting experience that almost every girl wishes to have. However, it can be quite stressful as well considering that there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of ensure that everything will go smoothly on the big day. Consider these tips for a hassle-free wedding regardless of budget.

Flowers for church wedding ceremony

When you start planning your wedding, the first thing that you would have to think about is the venue for the ceremony. If you are Catholic, you have to start looking for a church right away. If you don’t have one in mind yet, this task can be a bit daunting because you would need to invest some time in hunting for the perfect church for your big day. When choosing a church, you would need to remember to pick one that is easily accessible to all of your guests, especially the sponsors. Another factor that you should include in your selection process is the appeal of the church and whether it adheres to the theme that you have picked out for your wedding.

Best church for wedding

When all of the legalities have been taken care of, you start focusing on the fun stuff like your entourage list and the design of the venue. Working with the event organizers of your chosen church is highly recommended because they are more familiar with the restrictions. There are churches that require couples to leave the flowers used for styling the altar and the aisle as a donation. There are also some that do not allow confetti poppers or flower petals to be scattered around. If you are looking to have a rehearsal for the procession, make sure to inform the church administrators so a date can be made available for you.

Church for wedding ceremony

Lastly, look into the church’s policies on photo and video-taking. There are some that do not allow flash photography inside the building as these may cause undue damage to various artifacts, especially if you choose an old church that has been around for quite a number of years. You may want to consult with your photographer regarding this matter so he or she can also plan in advance.

Great Plan Wedding Ideas !

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A birthday, or any other occasion, for that matter, will repeat itself, year after year. But what will not come again, is your wedding day. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so use the day to make yourself and your partner feel as special as ever. A lot of things should be considered when planning your plan wedding day.

What to plan for a wedding

Start from the Decor
How your wedding venue looks is a big question and will create a remarkable different in the overall aura of your event. The décor should be themed according to the time and location of the wedding. If your wedding is a day event, by a lake or even in a lush green lawn, use white tube roses, tulips and water lilies. A smart idea would be to fix a shade and/or make sure that your guests are protected from the rays of the sun.  If it is strictly an evening event, a breezy venue will be very appealing, with a mix of indoor and outdoor, both.

Weddings that take place at night may be held in open air, with dark colored themes, such as red and black.

Wedding plan guide

Turn the Spotlight On!
Now focus on the two most important people of the day: the Bride and the Groom. Match the color of your attires with each other, and your attires with the rest of the venue, in contrast. From the color of the table mats, to napkins, flowers and the carpet on the aisle, everything should perfectly blend in.

Add Effect?
Add a sublime effect to your wedding by introducing music. Be it a live piano, a light instrumental or a violin, music sets the mood. Along with music, add a decent, subtle scent that will lift the spirits of everyone across the venue.

Plan your own wedding.