Adult Birthday Cakes

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Adult Birthday Cakes. Cakes had come a long way since the Germans introduced them in the 18th century. Since then it has become a tradition to have a cake in every birthday.  And why not, young and old alike enjoy eating this delectable treat.  The only difference is the design of each cake.
So like children’s birthday cakes adult cakes hold their own distinctiveness.  If you are planning on giving an adult birthday cake it is a great idea to bake it yourself. After all everyone appreciates a homemade cake.  But, if you want to buy ready-made cakes in your local grocery or go to the bakery and order the birthday celebrant their birthday cake, here is a guide to help you pick the perfect adults birthday cakes.
According to Flavor
First of all, in buying a cake we consider the flavor of the cake.  While there is a plethora of flavor, you must pick something that you know the celebrant would love to taste.  Chocolate, red velvet, caramel, lemon meringue, banana, vanilla, mocha-praline, coffee flavored cake, coconut and even spicy flavored cake are available from the roster of choices.  Plus, there are also a variety of fillings and frostings to choose from.
Decoration Counts
Cake decorations make a cake fashionable and sometimes make the cake too pretty to eat.  But, decors are the ones that tell all about the celebrant.  So make sure that in decorating the cake it would reflect the birthday celebrant’s personality and interests.  Though flowers, ribbons and laces may also work well, sometimes you need to think out of the box for a more elaborate piece.
For a start, the interest and hobby of the celebrant are great ideas for cake decorations. For example, if the birthday celebrant loves music you could decorate the cake with a 3D guitar or piano topper.   If he is a sports fan, you could have the cake mold to his/her favorite sport. For your best girlfriend, a cake decorated with jewelry or shape like a bag or shoe will give the cake style and substance.
Moreover, if the birthday is a milestone for the celebrant as a 50th birthday, you can add sophistication to the event.  You could choose a tiered birthday cake and decorate it with gold and silver trimmings.  In the same way, if your celebrant has a cheerful attitude you could add humor to your cake and have it shape like a coffin, a grave or a medicine bottle.
Sometimes Naughty Can Be Good
Adults may be classy or tacky, each have their own vices, habits and a wild side that can be a unique subject for your cake theme.  A beer or champagne bottle, a bikini-clad bombshell, a playboy bunny, a muscled body-builder or an adult cake decorated with an erotic theme just to name a few.  This kind of adult cake is meant to give humor and bring enjoyment to everyone.
With the above ideas, you could pick out the perfect adult birthday cake for the celebrant.  Remember, details are very important so be sure to do your homework for the birthday event.  Plus, you can mix and match some of these ideas to come-up with unique Adult Birthday Cake ideas.

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