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Yes, many people prefer to get married on the month of June. However, who has to say that a winter wedding theme is not off the hook as well?
Winter wedding theme ideas

 The fact that not that many people consider getting married during winter actually brings distinct advantages. For starters, since hotels will not be fully booked during this time, then discounts are not that hard to find at all. In fact, many hotels do offer discounts for winter wedding packages. In addition, hotels would certainly be adorned with Christmas decorations as well. You will not have that much to worry about when it comes to decorations! Moreover, the same goes for churches! Of course, a couple of final changes can also be added. These would make the setting more personal to the feel. And make sure that the venue you choose has a heating system that is in good condition. There just might be a need to pay extra for heating as well.

Winter wonderland wedding theme decorations

With the off-peak season at hand, transportation would not be a problem as well. Car and limo rental services also offer season discounts that any couple can enjoy. To be sure, that you get the best deal, you can ask for quotes from the different companies. Compare these quotes and find the best one from which you can get the most in savings.

Winter weddings are inevitably white to the sight. But there are a lot of things you can do to make your winter wedding interesting, with the incorporation of the color white. For starters, you can have a theme of ice and snow for your wedding. The groom and his side can all wear white suits. The bride and her entourage should wear white as well. This is for the snow aspect of your wedding. As for the ice aspect, it all boils down to jewelry. The bride can wear diamond and crystal jewelry all throughout. She can even wear a headdress or tiara that is laced with diamonds and crystals.

Wedding theme winter wonderland

Of course, the bride has to be made distinct from the rest of her entourage. Therefore, the bridesmaids can wear white gowns, but with a touch of color. This can be done with the flowers they carry. While the bride would be carrying white flowers laced with white bows and silver ribbons, the bridesmaids can carry a bouquet of dark red roses, for instance.

The cake should fit the winter wedding theme as well. A cake that is white all throughout would somehow look a bit ordinary. Nevertheless, with icing shaped as icicles and silver ornaments, the cake would certainly look ravishing.

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