Beach Wedding Theme

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A beach wedding theme is very popular nowadays, especially during the summer months. Still, any couple would want to know ways and means to garner savings while incorporating this wedding theme.

There are many methods for you to save money with this theme. And one can even start with the wedding invitations! Make the invitation simple, maybe with a photograph of the bride and groom at the beach. A popular choice used is actually a childhood picture of the bride and groom having fun with each other at the beach. This picture denotes a sense of forever, especially if the bride and groom have known each other since childhood.

Wedding beach theme

As for a wedding dress, the bride can wear a mermaid-style dress. This dress is not expensive to come by at all. Alternatively, the bride can choose to wear a long sundress, since sundresses are ideal beachwear as well. Of course, the bride should wear a sun hat with the sundress. Since this is a beach wedding, the flowers need not be formal at all. An informal bouquet that has ribbons of bright beach colors will suffice.

The groom himself can wear a simple shirt with an open neck, or perhaps a suit that is of a light shade. In addition, if you really want to go for the beach getup, then the groom can wear beach shirts and plain shorts! This way, the beach theme would indeed be incorporated.
Wedding favors beach theme

For the bridesmaids, sundresses are also appropriate for the theme, along with straw hats, of course. Bikini tops and straw hats can be worn by the women. An interesting twist can also be done with the flower girls. Instead of dropping flowers down the aisle, they can drop seashells instead. This would make the wedding unique. The seashells can also be used to spruce the place up! Seashells can be used as decorations and ornaments on the pews for the guests. It would be better for the deckchairs to be of bright colors, to make the beach theme more distinct.

It is typical for the bride to arrive in a car for your ordinary wedding. For a beach wedding, a fun way to do this would be to get to the wedding in a dune buggy. This would be extremely fitting for a beach wedding theme! And a dune buggy is just so off the hook that your guests will surely remember your wedding for a long time coming!

Beach theme wedding decorations.

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