Victorian Wedding Theme

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If you want to have Victorian wedding theme, then you would definitely have to hold your wedding in a garden. This is an essential when it comes to the characteristics of the Victorian era. 
Colors that make the best choices for Victorian wedding include yellow, cream, and blue. You can also include ecru, pastel greens, and even terracotta. For the wedding attire, you actually have a number of choices. You can include Victorian capes, for instance. As for accessories, the cameo neck brooch is a popular choice. Another great addition would be lace hankies.
Victorian bridal gowns
Specifically for the bride, a white or off-white Victorian bridal gown is the ideal choice. You have to remember that people were still quite conservative during this era. Thus, the wedding gown should have long sleeves and a high-neck collar made of lace. The gown should also have lace cuffs for that conservative image you are after. A wide-brimmed hat, which is very characteristic of the Victorian era, should be added as well. The hat can come with ribbons and flowers, and even with a short veil. White lace gloves, ankle boots, and a matching parasol can be the finishing touches. In place of the parasol, you can also have a bouquet of roses, preferably of pastel shades.

Victorian style wedding invitations

As for the groom, it is just a matter of preference here. Styles have definitely changed more rapidly for men’s wear in just a few years. However, one constant thing here is the black top hat. The black top hat has always been a constant part in the whole Victorian get up over the years. The rest would then depend on the preferences of the groom himself. The frock coat is one of the things to consider here. The frock coat can be in the shades of dark blue or plum. Aside from the frock coat, waistcoats were also popular during the Victorian era. The groom can choose to wear a waistcoat that is white in color. Lavender trousers and gloves can then be used to match the coat. Aside from lavender, dark gray trousers would also make a great choice here. Oh, and do not forget the walking cane to complete the ensemble for the groom. Both bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear clothes patterned accordingly. 
The garden setting is ideal for a Victorian wedding theme. Consider booking a pavilion area, or even a park, for the setting of both the ceremony and the reception. The typical backyard can also be converted accordingly. However, if an outdoor setting is impossible to achieve, you can always find a mansion, an inn, or even a church that exudes the style of the Victorian era in terms of architecture.
Victorian wedding venues.

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