Halloween Wedding Theme

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Halloween Wedding. Picture this: a moonlit night, glowing black candles strategically scattered on the lawn and on the branches of low lying trees, a row of grinning orange jack o’ lanterns lighting the pathway, doorways are decorated with orange, yellow and red crepe paper streamers. People dressed as fairies, witches and Draculas are milling around. This is not a Halloween party. Someone is getting hitched and it’s a Halloween wedding theme! 
A Halloween wedding theme is fun. A lot of people these days want to have a one of a kind wedding…one that will be the talk of the town for days and one that will be remembered not only by the groom and the bride’s family but by the guests as well.
Actually, a Halloween party can be easily turned into a wedding party but as it is a wedding, additional decoration is a must to add elegance and sophistication. For the Halloween wedding centerpiece, you can decorate a black or a red linen covered table with hollowed our pumpkins with candles inside. Small glow in the dark plastic skeletons, ghosts and gold stars will add a mystic touch to the arrangement. Another centerpiece idea is to group candles of different sizes and colors on a round mirror. Tie the candles with red or orange ribbons and scatter autumn colored fake maple leaves around the candles. Drape tables with black tulle and tie the corners with red ribbons.
Halloween wedding invitation
A Halloween wedding bride can be attired in a red or black Addams family dress. The dress would have fitted long sleeves. A black or red cape, black veil and black gloves will complete the ensemble. For an additional effect an Addams family wig can be used by the bride too.   
Halloween wedding grooms are usually attired in black tuxedos. Most grooms would have a Count Dracula look by donning a black cape with a red lining, wear a black top hat and a carry a black cane. And as an added effect for the Halloween wedding theme, the groom may carry a blood red rose to be given to the bride. 
Halloween wedding reception ideas.

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